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How do I Use/Update the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor?


I would like to take PDF-XChange Editor with me everywhere I go and use it on multiple PCs - how do I do this?


The portable version of PDF-XChange Editor can be used for these purposes. This version of the application can be downloaded onto a USB flash drive, or other similar devices. Note that it is necessary to add a license key manually to portable versions of PDF-XChange Editor after they have been installed, as they store information separately from installed versions. The License Key option in the Help tab can be used for this purpose.

Please note that Tracker Software classifies portable drives as secondary devices for single user licenses. Therefore, if your intention is to use a portable version of PDF-XChange Editor on multiple USB drives, then you may require more than one license. Each user is permitted up to two installations - one on a primary desktop computer, and another on a secondary portable device such as a laptop or tablet.

Users of PDF-XChange PRO should also note that, whilst the license key for this bundle package will work for the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor, there are no equivalent portable versions for the other products that this PDF-XChange PRO contains - PDF-Tools and the virtual printer PDF-XChange Standard.‚Äč

Downloading and Installing PDF-XChange Editor Portable

N.b. If your license key has expired then it is necessary to download the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor from the previous builds archive, which is available here.

1.  Go to the PDF-XChange Editor Downloads page.

2. Click the dropdown arrow beside the Download button, then click Editor Plus Portable Version:

The portable version of PDF-XChange Editor will then download.

3. When the download is complete, open the compressed folder, click the Extract tab and then click Extract all:

The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders dialog box will open. 

4. Click Browse to select a destination for the application, then select the desired folder and click Extract:

Please note that we recommend the creation of a new folder for this purpose, as doing so avoids the possibility of conflicts with other files on your portable device.

The folder that contains the portable drive will open when the extraction is complete:

PDF-XChange Editor is then available to be used on this portable drive. Please note that the portable version is always 32-bit, which means that it should be compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP. Using older versions of Windows may still work, but we cannot guarantee effective support for issues encountered in these versions of Windows.

Running and Licensing PDF-XChange Editor Portable

Please note that the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor is isolated between installations, which means it is necessary to add your license key manually after each new instllation. This issue can be solved using the Update instructions detailed below.

Follow these steps to open and license the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor: 

1. Open the file that contains PDF-XChange Editor, then double-click PDFXEdit to launch the application:

PDF-XChange Editor will open.

2. Click the Help tab, then click License Key:

The Preferences dialog box will open and the Registration category will be selected.

3. Click Add New License Key:

The Add New License Key/Activation Code dialog box will open:

4. Enter the key into the text box and click Continue.

Your license key is then applied to the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor.

If you encounter any issues during this process then please contact for assistance.

Updating PDF-XChange Editor Portable

Updating the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor (rather than reinstalling) avoids the need to reapply your license key and also means that customizations to the user interface are retained. Tracker Software will sometimes request that users update their version of the application in order to resolve certain issues. Follow the steps below to update - but please note that settings and user interface customizations cannot be carried over from V6 or Earlier to V7 or later.

1. Open the folder that contains the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor, then click and drag the Settings.dat file (and the Stamps folder if you have one) to the desktop:

2. Group-select and delete the remaining files in the folder.

3. Follow the instructions detailed above to download, extract and install the latest version of the application.

4. Copy the settings.dat file (and Stamps folder) from the desktop into the folder of the new installation of the application.

The new installation of the application is then up to date and will contain the settings and customizations of the previous installation.

If you encounter any issues with licensing after performing an update, then your license key may be expired or blocked due to an upgrade. Please contact with your license key information so that we can assist you.


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