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I cannot view a PDF that is embedded in a Microsoft Word document.


I cannot view a PDF that is embedded in a Microsoft Word document.

Please note that this question was posted on the Tracker Software forum. One of our users was trying to view a PDF file that was embedded in a Microsoft Word document as an OLE object. They found that the file would open in Adobe Reader but would not open in PDF-XChange Viewer or PDF-XChange Editor.


This issue arose as a result of an add-in for Microsoft Word that Adobe created. The add-in calls Adobe Reader automatically, as opposed to allowing the system default to take precedence. Unfortunately this means that the behavior cannot be changed reliably, as it is integral to to the functionality of Microsoft Word.

We are looking into methods of offering this function without forcibly making registry changes that Adobe or Word may revert frequently and without warning. Currently, we have not found a reliable solution.

However, a workaround is available for this issue:

1. Change the extension of the file from .docx to .zip.

2. Double-click the file to view its details and contents in Windows Explorer.

3. Click the word folder, then click the embeddings folder. Embedded content (such as embedded PDF files) will be displayed as oleObject.bin files.

4. Copy the desired .bin file to the desktop.

5. Change the extension from .bin to .pdf.

The embedded content can then be viewed as a standard PDF file.

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