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I have a problem with my file not opening. I get a warning that I need a new version of Adobe Reader.

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  • Created On: Apr 21, 2010 03:25 PM
  • Last Modified: : Apr 1, 2014 02:07 PM
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When I try to open a PDF form in PDF-XChange Viewer, I get a warning that says that I need a new version of Adobe Reader. I don't want to use Adobe Reader. Why can't PDF-XChange Viewer open my file?



 The PDF Form may contain XFA data that we do not yet support.



 If you get this message when opening your file:


We recommend updating to the PDF-XChange Editor for the latest and most functional product.

It may be that your file contains XFA data that we don't yet support.  Take a look at the bottom left of the PDF-XChange Viewer window and if the form does contain XFA data you will see a notification icon.  Click it to see the full notice on the issue with your document display.






We endeavor to support as many variations of PDF documents as possible; it is an ongoing task that we are committed to. If you find an XFA form that is not supported, we are always interested in knowing so we can improve our viewer.  Please send your samples to us as an attachment to


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