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How do I create screenshots to send to Tracker Software support?


How do I create screenshots to send to Tracker Software support?

Answer - Windows 10

Windows 10 now offers a "snipping tool" which can be accessed quite quickly and easily. If you are running Windows 10, see below.

1. Open the application to the Window or area you have been requested to take a screenshot of.

2. Press Windows key+Shift+S to start the "snipping tool"

3. Drag a box around the area you wish to take a picture of.

4. Paste the image into the email you are sending to us, with Ctrl+V

Our Email address is

Older versions of Windows

Please note that screenshot functionality is included by default in all versions of Windows. Follow the steps below to take screenshots:

1. Open the window that you wish to screenshot.

2. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. (This is sometimes abbreviated to "PrtScn" and on laptops is often a secondary function that one of the function buttons can be used to activate). A screenshot is then captured of the content of your screen and pasted into the clipboard. If the screenshot is of only a single window then select the window and press Alt+Print Screen.

3. Open a graphics application such as Microsoft Paint and create an empty new document.

4. Use the Edit tab, or press Ctrl+V, to paste the image into the new document.

5. Use the File tab, or press Ctrl+S, to save the document to your hard drive. Please save the image as either .jpg or .png, as these image formats are web compliant, and use a filename that describes the image, such as PDF-XChangePrinterErrorMessage.png or PrintDialog.png.

6. If possible, please crop irrelevant information out of the screenshot in order to reduce the file size.

7. Email Tracker Software and attach the screenshot to the email.

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