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How do I create new named destinations in PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-XChange Viewer?


How do I create new named destinations in PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-XChange Viewer?

How do I create named destinations in order to bookmark PDF documents?


PDF-XChange Editor

The Destinations pane is used to create and edit named destinations in PDF-XChange Editor:

1. On the View tab, Navigate to the Panes Dropdown menu and click Destinations:

The Named Destinations pane will open.

2. Move to the desired document page, then use the view/zoom settings to determine the new named destination.

3. Click the plus icon in the Named Destiantions pane (or press Insert when the pane is selected) to create a new named destination. It will appear in the Named Destinations pane as detailed below:

3. Edit the name of the named destination as desired.

  • Click named destinations in the pane to move to their location in the document.
  • Click the Set option (tick icon) to change the location of an existing named destination to the current view.
  • Click the Delete option to delete named destinations.

PDF-XChange Viewer

The Link Tool can be used to create named destinations in PDF-XChange Viewer:

1. Click Tools in the Menu Toolbar, then hover over Link Tools and click either Rectangle Link Tool or Quadrilateral Link Tool:

This example will use the Rectangle Tool:

2. Click and drag the pointer to determine an area:

The Link Properties dialog box will open:

3. Select the Actions category, click the Add tab and then click Add "Go to a page in this document":

The New Action dialog box will open:


4. Select the Use Named Destination option button, then use the Zoom Out/Zoom In buttons and scrollbars to determine the view of the new named destination.

5. When the desired view has been determined, click Add Current View to create a new named desination. It will then be available in the Destination Name pane.

Follow steps 1-4 above, then select named destinations in the Destination Name pane and click OK to create a link to a named destination. N.b. it is necessary to disable the Link Tool in order to test/use links.

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