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I have a problem with the MS Office toolbar add-in not showing

Note that the Toolbar mentioned in this article is included as a part of our Standard Printer, and will not be available if you do not have that version of the printer installed, and hold a license covering its use. Please ensure that PDF-XChange Standard is available as a printer, and that your license covers its use before continuing. If you need to upgrade your license, you can do so from your account page.


 I have downloaded the PDF-XChange Standard Printer, but the toolbar Add-in for Word is not showing up.

How do I enable it? 


While these screenshots have been taken in Microsoft Word, the steps should apply to all Microsoft Office Products that our Addin is available for.

1. Select File > Options

2. Under Add-Ins, select COM Add-Ins > Go

3. You should see the "PDF-XChange Standard Office Plugin" listed but not checked. Check this box and click OK.

 4. Your Add-In should now be restored.

Should you encounter any issue with this process, or find that the Plugin still does not appear after following these instructions, please write an email to

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