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How do I silently activate keys?


You have serial keys that require activation and do not want users to have to manually do this themselves.



As of Version 9 license keys need to be activated after being applied to a device.  Activation must be done in the user context and so cannot be done by the installer.  It must be done by the user post install.




Active Directory Group Policy

Apply the "Automatic Key Activation" Group Policy found in the "Key Activation" section of the "Tracker Software Vault" Active Directory Administrative Template.

The latest Template files are available here.  Details on how to use the Templates can be found here.


Automatic Key Activation

Enable this policy and PDF-XChange products will check for and silently activate any not yet activated keys it finds.

XCVault Utility

For environments that cannot make use of a Active Directory group Policies the XCVault utility that gets installed with all PDF-XChange Products can be used to silently activate keys.

XCVault.exe is by default installed in C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\Vault and can be called as the user via script.  The XCVault utility itself can be run from either an administrative account (for per machine licensing actions) or a user account (per user licensing operations) Activation MUST be called as the target user.  It requires access to that user's Registry. (HKCU)  Full details on the XCVault options available for V8 are listed here.  V9 details for XCVault are available here.

The XCVault options that pertain to Activation are:

/ActivateKeys [/S] [/AA]
  Activates installed keys.
  /S           Specifies silent mode and suppresses any messages with
               information about results.
  /AA          Specifies that currently activated keys will be reused in the
               activation process.



Silently activate all keys present in the current users registry.  Previously activated keys will be ignored.

"%ProgramFiles%\Tracker Software\Vault\XCVault.exe" /ActivateKeys /S


Silently activate all keys present in the current users registry.  Previously activated keys will resent activation data.  Useful for reactivating a device that has had it's activation removed.

"%ProgramFiles%\Tracker Software\Vault\XCVault.exe" /ActivateKeys /S

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